New Streams feature: Club. What is it?

Recently I’ve noticed a new tab in the Streams app: Club.
Since then I’ve been wondering what it is and how it works.
Could someone tell me more about it? It looks like something interesting and I’d be interested to try it out.


Hey @marunyash! Indeed it’s a very exciting new feature allowing club members to take part in small group studies! I’ll ask a member of the team to give you a more detailed answer! :slight_smile:


Hi @marunyash,

Firstly I should say, Welcome to the Club! As Amandine mentioned above, Chatterbug Club is a new subscriber-based feature of our Streams app. As a Live Lessons subscriber, you are automatically included in Chatterbug Club at no extra charge.

So what is Chatterbug Club? It’s a way to make your language learning journey more social!

You can participate in Study Groups in the app, which are short 15-minute video sessions with an experienced native-speaking tutor and up to 5 students. These are available at various times throughout the day, every day, so you can book in whenever you can fit them into your schedule.

Each Study Group is based on one of our previously aired streams - we recommend that you watch the stream before joining the study group so that you are well prepared to practice the language of this topic.

Study Groups a great way to further practise your speaking skills in a fun and friendly environment with a native speaking tutor and other learners, too.

We will be making an official announcement on Monday, so stay tuned for more details then!

Until then, feel free to book into a Study Group and starting practising!

We hope to see you in a Study Group soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Amandine I really love the club feature! Thank you! But would be more awesome if the club lessons were a little longer and with more interaction. The tutors try to provide input but then sometimes there is no time for a discussion or at least saying more than 1 sentence. And also you are rarely corrected by the tutors which means you actually don’t learn how to do it right. Although you at least start speaking. I’ve been to groups of 2 and 3 people and can’t imagine it in a group of 5 in 15 min. So maybe longer options could be provided for those who have time, e.g. 20,25,30 min. Also would be cool to have an opportunity to ask the tutor questions after the lesson. Maybe within 1 day. Questions on the words on the topic or how would be better to formulate a sentence you wanted to say but did not succeed during the lesson.


Hey @anna321 !
Thanks a lot for your feedback!! It’s great that you went into detail about your opinion of the Study Groups (Club mini lessons). :raised_hands:
First of all, we are very happy that you like it and that you want it to last longer :wink: Maybe this means it’s time for you to try a one-to-one live lesson! I don’t know if you’ve heard of this other Chatterbug product (actually, the first one that was created): for 45 minutes you have a tutor just for you and you follow a progression of exercises designed for your level!
Nevertheless, I take note of your suggestions and I will pass them on to the Club team :slight_smile: Being corrected more often by tutors is something that can be quickly implemented, for example. We will pass the word on to them!
Also, if you have any questions after a study group, you can ask them here on the forum and your tutor or another tutor will be happy to answer them!
Have a beautiful day :sunny:


Great input @anna321, and thanks for joining the study groups today! :blush::+1:

You’re absolutely right, 15 minutes is sometimes not enough to go into great details when it comes to a complicated topic. That’s why we try to provide a good mix of different sessions. That means some study groups might be conversational, some might be quiz-based, some emphasize listening comprehension, and so on.

I often plan my study groups with additional information in the title, like “Konversationstraining: …”, “Quiz: …”, or “Hörverstehen: …”, look out for those that emphasize conversation! :raised_hands:

Amandine’s tip regarding Chatterbug’s Live Lessons might be what you’re looking for when it comes to discussing a topic one on one for a longer period of time! In 45 minutes you can ask your tutors a lot of questions and they will help you with your grammar, syntax, and everything related to your target language!

Anyway, please always feel free to ask questions during the study groups! The tutors will be happy to answer them and another shy student might be happy you brought it up, too! :blush::v: