New vocabulary in a live lesson

At times, you learn a lot of new words in your live lessons. You may ask: How can I deal with so many new words?
Put into practice as much as you can. Maybe the live lesson mainly had new words about “work”. Great, speak with your workmates about your work, but in the language you learn. That’s easy, isn’t it ;-)?
The more you put into practice what you learned, your brain will connect them with other already learned vocabulary, and they will become part of your active vocabulary.
So now enjoy your Sunday afternoon learning vocabulary… :wink:


danke für die Tips! ich versuche immer einen Schreibblock dabei zu haben, dann kann ich wichtigen Wortschatz aufschreiben, den ich später benutzen kann. Ich überliege mir einen Spanischenunterricht zu besuchen. Vielleicht sehen wir uns auch dort! Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Woche in Equador.

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That’s also a great idea. Some of my students make the same thing.
By the way: If you learn a new word, never hesitate to ask your tutor when and how to use it and to write an example into the chat.

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