Niv from India living in Germany

Hello everyone!

I am Niv and I am from India. Currently, I am studying in Germany and also learning the German Language.

Ich kann auch Deutsch.

I have done my education in English and I am a food engineer by background.

I am doing my master’s in Market Research and Market Intelligence.

We can talk about anything and everything as I love learning new things.

I would call myself an expert in English Literature (especially poems), anything related to food, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Data Analysis. :grimacing:

Additionally, I also speak Hindi and Malayalam. I can also completely understand Gujarati although I can’t speak well. (If you ask me, I might try and we can have a laugh at my weird accent) :smiley:

Hopefully, we can share poems, experiences, and wonderful stories.

I am glad to meet you!


Welcome at Chatterbug Niv. We hope you enjoy tutoring!

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Welcome Niv :honeybee:
Wish you a good start and a lot of fun :tulip:


Welcome, Niv :smiley:. We are glad to have you here! Fascinating to be an expert in the Marvel world, :open_mouth: I’m sure cinema and comic fans students will be interest to discuss that with you. Have fun with your LL :happyllama:. Any doubts we are here to help!


Hi Niv,

nice to meet you :smiley:


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Hi Niv! wishing you a wonderful and fun time here. :slight_smile: Welcome!


Hi Niv,
nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Best, Doris