Noel - German tutor

Hello everyone!

I am Noel, a mid-20s Master student who works for Chatterbug as a German tutor. I am moving around a lot so this it is unclear to say where I am currently residing.

People would describe me as an easy going, calm, patient and relaxed person who likes to talk a lot. I enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds. Frankly, nothing is more fascinating than discovering the world around us. Chatterbug is a fabulous opportunity to interact with new people and get to know their lives.

For the live lessons it is pivotal that the students say what they want to do. You can come up with any topics, issues or requests for the lessons. I will give my best to help you with your German.

I hope we see each other soon.


Noel is a fun teacher!:smiley: I like his lessons a lot!


He is a very good teacher!