Not Able to Book a Live Lesson

I am no longer able to book a Live Lesson, I get a message that my pre payment is low and I will get charged and extra 18 euros for a session on top of my monthly payment of 140 euros per month.
I received an email recently that explained that Chatterbug was increasing there pricing from next month but because I joined in January my price of 140 would be locked in and I would not need to update my account.

So what’s happened ? what’s gone wrong ? are you forcing me to pay the new higher price ?



Hi @Dunk888 ! Thanks for your message. All that’s happened is you’ve used your 8 monthly credits. Your plan will renew on the 27th at the same price and you can then resume taking lessons. You can schedule these lessons in advance and, as long as they take place after your plan has renewed, you won’t be charged for an extra lesson (a credit is first removed when the lesson has successfully takes place).

If you have questions about that or anything else, please reach out to the team via the yellow chat box.


Sam :slight_smile: