Notification - credits about to expire

It would be good to be notified if credits are about to expire. Ideally the notification gives users enough time that something can be done about it, but if at least it’s sent a week or so in advance it would be already helpful.

In this notification, I would also make it clear that one can’t use credits from the current month to book a lesson in the following month. This is by the way not obvious on the FAQ either. I lost credit because I booked a lesson before the month was over, but the lesson was booked for after the renewal. Chatterbug gave no indication the credit was being deducted from the upcoming quota.

Hi @marcper ! Thanks for your post.

You should see a pop up on your screen a week to a few days before your credits are due to expire. If you’re ever in any doubt, you can check your “Payments” page, where you’ll see how many credits you have left to use before your renewal date (which in your case is the 4th, incidentally). The little yellow circle next to “Live Lessons” in the menu bar also shows your available credits and, lastly, you can always get a detailed overview of your credit balance in the “Transactions” tab of your payments page.

I hope that helps! :pray:t3:

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Thanks for the reply. I did see the pop up. What wasn’t clear is that I had to use the credits before the expiration date, as opposed to schedule the credits before the expiration date.

Regarding e-mails: There are currently e-mail notifications for many things, like for an upcoming class (even two of them - a day before and 10 minutes before). I was suggesting an additional e-mail to notify about soon-to-expire credits that were not yet booked. I would find that useful, and it would help to not seem like Chatterbug is just fine with the fact that user credits are expiring.