Ojear vs. hojear

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For those who love reading, here you have two verbs to talk about books or anything else. They sound the same, but mean differently.

“Mirar a alguna parte.”
We also use “echar una ojeada a algo”
In English would be to take a look at something or glance at.
Definition from DRAE

“Mover o pasar ligeramente las hojas de un libro o de un cuaderno.”
In English, it would be to leaf through.
Definition from DRAE

:point_right:t5:Can you think of some examples using these two verbs?



Actually in my country we use ojear very differently. It means to “hex” someone, specially a kid. And you don’t have to be a witch or anything. For example a kid has a party, and everyone looks at him, after the party the kid has a disease and they think he is now “ojeado”. Then they rub and egg all over his body to see if that is true. Of course all that is stupid but still takes place. Ecuador by the way.


Hi @Guille1293,
thanks for reminding me of that, we also have it in Colombia. They also say “mal de ojo” here. I know there are many methods for people to prevent kids to get it and to “treat” it when they already have it. I also don’t believe it is true. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Cool to know we share that. :ecuador: :fist_right:t5: :fist_left:t5: :colombia: