Oktay from Germany

Hello everyone!

I’m Oktay from Frankfurt, Germany but currently I live in Istanbul. I have studied International Business in Frankfurt and worked a few years in my profession.

I love tutoring and teaching my native language to students all over the world. In my spare time I love travelling around the world and exploring new cultures. I also love to learn languages. Currently I am improving my French, as I like the language very much.

Looking forward to meeting you!


Bonjour Oktay and welcome ! :wink:

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Willkommen! @Oktayraca :blush:

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Hey Oktay! Welcome to the Chatterbug Community! :star_struck:

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Hi @Oktayraca, nice to meet you :wave: :smiley:
Cheers, Melanie

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Welcome to the tutor community, @Oktayraca! :wave:

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Hey Oktay, wie kann ich die Linke finden

Hi @fereshtehabibi - were you able to connect to your Live Lesson yesterday? Next time go to your main dashboard and you will see it right there front and center. Let us know in the support category if you have any questions about the platform!

sorry i click on the finish lesson by mistake

No problem :slight_smile: See you next time.