Olympic Games Tokyo

Whos watching the games? The german dressage riders won gold as a team and gold and silver individual wohoooo
Soo proud :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Due to the time difference of 14 hours, I can’t watch the games. But people here in Ecuador were happy and proud, when Richard Carapaz won gold in cycling.


Yes, yes, yes! I have been watching and keeping a close eye on the German and South African teams.
I also watched the dressage yesterday, and was really impressed! Those ladies did brilliantly!
I also rather enjoy the gymnastics! Unfortunately, my favorite athlete (Simone Biles) dropped out, but my goodness she did great! :blush:


I haven’t had time to watch a sport in particular, but I have been able to watch some clips and the news about women’s clothing. I think it is important they make a statement with the way they dress and talking about Simone Biles, it is so great she is speaking about mental health and how important it is :blush:.


Yes that was great @Lari1108. I actually watch as much as possible and all sports.
My highlight today was men 4x100m. Italy won! …again :wink:…after the soccer EM that is

…reminded me this Song from the 80s by Spliff


Hello, @Lari1108! I haven’t had the chance to watch too much of the Olympic Games, but I did see Naomi Osaka lighting the Olympic cauldron during the Opening Ceremony. As a hāfu myself, seeing an incredible multiracial athlete and role model be given the honor made me feel emotional and hopeful. There is a long history of hāfu individuals being made to feel like outsiders, so it was wonderful to see Osaka represent Japan in Tokyo. What has been your favorite part of the Games?


My favorite parts were the dressage, eventing and jumping competitions as this is what i love to do in my personal life also!

My least favorite part was the Pentatlon where a rather ugly scandal came up with one german athlete hitting her horse very badly. i think riding should be taken out of that competition as a discipline…

I also find it great that an effort has been made to include groups of people that felt excluded from society for a long time…thank you for sharing your experience!!


I had two favorite moments this year …

Speed Climbing :woman_climbing:
I do climbing in my free time and I was happy it became Olympic for the first time this year. However, what I do privately has nothing to do with actual speed climbing. Look how these strong women are just flying up the wall!!

Synchronized Swimming
Every year, I need to watch at least the team that won the synchronized swimming contest.

I was just wondering… how are the Olympic Games called in other languages?

Here’s some of the German vocab. Maybe others can add (the ones below and/or other) words in their language?

:uk: The Olympic Games
:de: die olympischen Spiele

:uk: The Olympic Rings
:de: die olympischen Ringe :large_blue_circle: :orange_circle: :black_circle: :green_circle: :red_circle:

:uk: Bronze / Silver / Gold Medal
:de: die Bronze- / Silber- / Goldmedaille :3rd_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :1st_place_medal:

:uk: Athletes
:de: die Sporter:innen / die Athlet:innen :running_shirt_with_sash:

:uk: Award ceremony, trophy
:de: die Siegerehrung, der Pokal :trophy: