One-click video replay

I like the variety of mediums available on chatterbug, including video clips. I usually watch the same video clip multiple times but the new format makes this difficult to do. For example, if I watch an episode of Nico’s Weg and click ‘Done Watching’ I am redirected to a page that prompts me to rate the video, practice writing, or study more/back to home.

Can you add a ‘Watch Again’ button to this page? As it is, the path to rewatch the video requires several clicks and is not intuitive.



Hrm. The videos auto-loop for me and have for at least the last few months. I do not click the “Done Watching” button until the video has looped several times. (with and without subs) I haven’t unlocked B level material so I cannot speak to those examples.

Perhaps you have a browser add-on that stops the videos looping?


As @kthxbye mentioned if you have not clicked in done watching it should give you the option to watch the video again :blush:. It could be an extension on your browser that does not allow watching again. Furthermore, it is also recommendable to use a browser such as Chrome or Firefox, as the other ones are not supported. Please try to see if these advices work for you, if not please do not hesitate to contact us again. Have a nice day :sun_with_face:.

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