Our students on their Chatterbug experiences

I’m loving this community and all the sharing of experiences, knowledge that’s going on. So I thought I’d share some success stories from our students as well, because at the end of the day, this is why we’re all here, aren’t we?

Here’s is our very first Feature of Chatterbug student, Ryan, telling us all about his experience learning German and living in Berlin.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! Do you have any stories of funny mistakes you made trying to speak German? :see_no_evil::upside_down_face:


Hi Nicole,

Thanks for the post. I have been addicted to Chatterbug for about a year now and it has been a great experience. I have spoken with people all over the world who were patient and helped me learn a second language. Chatterbug has turned language learning into a rewarding hobby. The platform is extremely conducive to gaining the confidence necessary to use the language in practical situations or social situations. I’ve just recently finished studying here in Germany (Mannheim) and the program was in English, however, many of my classmates have been learning German since they have the intent to live here. After many of them began to notice my progress they followed my lead and began using Chatterbug. Now I find it very funny that we all routinely have conversations with the same tutors and know the same people in common. I’ve used Chatterbug almost 500 hours now in the past year and I do not think there is another method in which I could have progressed so quickly. The loose structure of the lessons provide the flexiblity for students to learn what is necessary and relevant to their specific lives. I’ve created essentially a video diary of me describing my life in broken German and now I’ve learned the words I need when I am out meeting Germans. I apologize now to all the tutors for the unecessary details of my life that I have given, but I hope it was at least entertaining :stuck_out_tongue:. I look forward to seeing how Chatterbug further develops and would recommend using it to all language learners. I hope one day to try to start learning a third language and I would use no other method than Chatterbug!

Good luck to everyone else here learning a language and a big thank you to Chatterbug for your help with my German learning!


I also do the same, @kgeisl1! I talk a lot about myself and my experiences during Live Lessons :slight_smile:. I think it’s the way we learn, by talking about what is most important and personal about us. So, yeah, I also apologize to tutors sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:.


Haha, some students told me that they talk to me more than to any of their “real life” friends. :smile: Especially when you schedule appointments through the whole week, there is a lot of time for sharing details about your life. But your tutors appreciate it! It’s a lot more interesting than grammar!