Overcoming foreign language anxiety!

Hi everyone,

Last month I wrote a post on how to overcome your foreign language anxiety.

Do you have foreign language anxiety? Psychologists have studied the causes and effects of this problem. In this latest post we suggest some methods to combat it!

  • Seek one-on-one conversations
  • Embrace your mistakes as part of the journey
  • Take small steps
  • Do some positive thinking
  • Practice practice practice

Getting over your nerves is a slow process but is worth it! Have a read of my post to find out more :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed reading your article!


Nice article! I’m always very nervous when speaking French in front of native speakers, for example, although I know they would never judge me. So I always rehearse a bit what I will say in my head at the beginning of the conversation and then it flows naturally :sunny:.


The easiest way I learned to speak 5 other languages: Just speak! Native speakers always appreciate it that someone makes efforts to speak their languages. And they will help you to improve your grammar. But one has to speak and make mistakes.
So, guys: end up all your friendships with expats and enjoy your weekend in the most remote village where no one speaks English. It’s hard, but extremely helpful :wink:


That’s a good tip, @SKrausser! One just has to start talking, no matter how many mistakes you make! And it’s true… native speakers are far more patient with non-native speakers that we give them credit for!

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