Palta or aguacate?

Spanish is spoken in 20 different countries all over the world: in Latin America, Europe and Africa.
This means that there are a lot of different varieties, which translates into lots of different ways to call things. This is one example, do you know any others?


In Buenos Aires in Argentina they say “bondi” instead of “colectivo” or “autobus”. :bus:

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“Guagua” in Ecuador = niño
“guagua” in the Canary Islands = bus
“bicho” in Ecuador = insect, parasite
“bicho” in Honduras = little child
It was funny when I told a friend from Honduras that here in Ecuador I have a lot of “bichos” in my home. He was quiet surprised :wink:


Haaa, this must be my favourite part about learning Spanish… To discover and collect all the specific expressions from each country and compare them :face_with_monocle: :star_struck:

The funniest moment for me was when I realised my friend from Peru was using the word paja to discribe something really cool, and for my Argentinian friend it meant literally the opposite, like a load…

“Que paja que estes acá !” :rofl:


In Perú we say “micro” or “combi” :slight_smile:

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Hahaha, @SKrausser! In Colombia they also use “guagua” for bus in some regions!
I found this on Wikilengua: