Pause subscription


The renewal of my subscription will normally take place on January 26th, but I would like to take a break due to a long vacation. I would like to restart the subscription on March 4th.

Can you please confirm this change?

Many thanks

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Hi @mitch.dejong ,

Thanks for your message! It’s not possible to pause a subscription but you can cancel or reduce your subscription at any time (see here). Chatterbug saves your progress and you can create a new subscription / top it up again as soon as you want to continue learning.

With kind regards,

Sam :grin:


Hey Mitch,

Thanks for your question about the price rise. If you subscribe and then switch plans after the 1st March, your new plan will be charged at the new price.

If you subscribe to the Serious Plan before March 1st, however, I could as a one-off roll-over a couple of credits for you when your plan renews so that you don’t have to use all 8 credits in March.

Just give me a shout via the yellow chat box if you decide to do that!

With best wishes,

Sam :blush:

Hi Sam,

I would like to transfer 1 credit to next month
Many thanks!

Hi @mitch.dejong,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ll respond directly to your request via the chat function.


Sam :slight_smile: