Pausing single days for tutoring

I think it has happened to all of us that we have arranged a stable weekly availability timetable through the Tutor’s Dashboard but there are SINGLE days in our Calendar in which we cannot have LL. In these cases you have to rearrange that weekday (e.g. Monday) for the previous and next weeks, deactivating the option ‘Repeat this availability for each week’.

I think it would be much more useful to put an option in which your weekly timetable doesn’t change (you could have all the time availability boxes in blue), while letting you pause tutoring for single days in the future.

I hope I have made me understandableb :see_no_evil:

Thank you in advance,


Hola, Pepe :blush:

I totally get you! It happens to me as well. I will pass this to our engineering team, and thank you for the suggestion.

Ten un bonito inicio de semana :sun_with_face:.


Oh yes, please! I find it extremely difficult to have to rearrange everything everytime and usually now just leave it as it is and hope I won’t get a booking on the day I can’t, because it is just too complicated otherwise (I will forget to put everything back on in the weeks following, or I rearrange it for a week and then need to do the next week and have to go back on the week I’ve just finished rearranging etc). But obviously this is less than ideal…