Plans and challenges

  1. Is there any chance you may change the PLAN levels? How many people actually take the 1 or 4 lesson plan? Would a 3 per week plan ie: 12 lessons per month (or 15) be better. I know I can add lessons to my 8 lesson plan, but from an advertising point of view, it is more attractive from my point of view, to buy a 12 or 15 lesson per month?

  2. and not to steal ideas from other online language providers…but any chance you might start running challenges? EG: „for the month of (say) June, complete our new 15 lesson challenge and see your name on the challenge Board“ or something.

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Hey @No_longer32,
thanks for your suggestions! We appreciate it, and we’ll pass it to our engineers. Especially your idea about the challenges it sounds great!

Speaking about our plans: You can choose between four plans or subscriptions:

  • Lite (includes 1 Live Lesson per month)
  • Casual (includes 4 Live Lessons per month)
  • Serious (includes 8 Live Lessons per month) and
  • Ultimate (includes 31 Live Lessons per month).

In your case, you can choose the “Serious Subscription” and add 15 extra Live Lessons each month. But the extra cost would already be higher than the “Ultimate Subscription”, which gives you 31 Live Lessons. So, the “Ultimate Subscription” would be cheaper and better for you.

I hope, this information was useful for you. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask here in the forum!

Best Regards,