Popcorn translation?

Bonjour à tous!

Tonight while making popcorn with my kids, I noticed the salt shaker included a description in French: sel de maïs souffle.

Is maïs souffle the common phrase for popcorn?? I must admit: j’adore the thought of a corn souffle!



Bonjour Michael,

Thanks for your comment, it illustrates one of the differences between the several forms of French :slight_smile:

In Canada, “popcorn” is called “maïs soufflé” (corn which has been blown up until it becomes “popped corn”) but in France, it’s also called “pop-corn”!

Hope you had a nice time with your kids around le maïs soufflé !

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Ah! Thank you for the explanation @Laurena! It seems that Williams-Sonoma is trying to go after the Canadian market then :smile: