Por vs para. Ejemplos

Hi everyone!

A few days ago @Sacharbonne asked me in a live lesson when to use por and para, at that time I had many doubts about the specific rules of use of these prepositions, so, I decided to write a new post explaining this for @Sacharbonne and all the other chatterbug students who may need it :smiley:

Corrections, more examples, more uses for these prepositions and doubts are very welcome!

Por is used to:

  1. Express movement:

Paseamos por la ciudad (We walked around the city)

  1. The cause or reason for an action:

Tuve un accidente por falta de atención (I had an accident due to lack of attention)

  1. Means of travel and communication. (It can refer to the way of travel, such as train, car, etc. or communication (phone, message, email, etc.):

Hablé con él por teléfono ( I spoke to him on the phone)

Viajé por Italia. (I traveled through Italy)

  1. To indicate the time or duration when something ocurrs:

Me gusta hacer deporte por la mañana. (I like to do sports in the morning)

  1. To talk about exchanges:

Gracias por el regalo (Thanks for the gift)

Te cambio mi comida por tu bebida. (I exchange my food for your drink)

Para is used to:

  1. Indicate destination:

Voy para Madrid mañana. (I am going to Madrid mañana)

  1. To indicate the recipient of something:

Este reloj es para mi hermana. (This watch is for my sister)

Esta comida es para gatos. (This food is for cats)

  1. To talk about deadlines or a specific time:

Tengo que terminar este post para las 8pm. (I have to finish this post by 8pm)

Necesito una cita médica para el lunes. (I need a doctor´s appointment for Monday)

  1. It´s also used for goals or purposes:

Como fruta y verdura para estar saludable. (I eat fruits and veggies to stay healthy)

Hago ejercicio para adelgazar. (I exercise to lose weight)


I just realized that @27sp.sandra, wrote a post on the same topic hehe. I leave the link here as it is super well explained!!

¿Por o para? So similar but so different