Prepositional Phrases: English

Hey @MiriamSH (and all)! Here’s a quick picture with a few examples that might be helpful in remembering these! :smiley: I hope this helps, I tried to find the topic in my student textbook but had no luck finding it, unfortunately.


Hi Aryory Karakus, that’s a very helpful overview. Thank you. So I can check whether there are any Denglish prepositional phrases that I use regularly.


Hi @AryoryKarakus,

Great table! A student of mine also asked about prepositions and I recommended this website. It provides explanations to prepositions at, in, on, and to. Below the explanations, students can do a short quiz.

@MiriamSH, just in case you’re interested! :blush:


Hi @AryoryKarakus!
This is a super helpful post. Sometimes seeing a concept laid out in a chart/table, makes it so much easier to understand and remember! :yum:

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@ThreedeeNT Hi! Here is a table with some helpful examples. There are also helpful resources in the comments from my great colleagues! :smiley: Hope this helps!

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@Marines Buenas noches!