Prepositions and case practice

Hello all,

Forgive me if this has been asked already but I couldn’t find anything on here.

I struggle with cases and prepositions. Very badly.

I’m a 3rd through my B1 and I am still guessing with both rules.

Is there something on Chatterbug that can help me focus with these two weaknesses? To me they are the things I need to work on the most.

Or are there any other useful resources anyone can recommend to help me deepen my understanding of these rules?

Thanks in advance.



Hey @Thomassutherland.
No worries, those two topics are the most complicated ones of German :wink:
You can search in your self study for topics as “Dativ”, “Akkusativ” and so on.
As there are so many prepositions in German, there’s not just one article about it.
But here’s a good summary (the article is completely in German).
Talking about the cases, there’s a good source here:
I hope, this helps you a bit.


By the way: You can also open, where we can send specific exercises and explanations from the Chatterbug curriculum to you!


Thanks Stephan,

This is all very helpful.

When you say I can search self study topics (Dativ, Akkusativ etc) where can I do this?

I have looked at my Chatterbug homepage in the “My Course” and “Search” sections but have been unsuccessful.



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Sorry for the late answer @Thomassutherland
Here you have some helpful links to Chatterbug Grammar:


This is super helpful! Thank you Stephan!

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This advice has been super helpful! I’m (finally) starting to wrap my head (very slowly) around the various cases, but the prepositions are still like giant balls of unchewable chewing gum!