Pronunciation French "g"

The rule is quite easy:

Say the g like in goat, say when you see ga, go, gu
say the g like the s in pleasure when you see ge or gi

Give it a try! :wink:
génie, gai, gagné, golfs, gilet, germe, gens…


Merci @Francine!
This is a very good tip to remember how to pronounce the G in French.

I’ll add that almost the same rule applies with the C letter. Have a look:

  • CA, CO, CU -> is pronounced like the C sound in “café”, “come” and “curry”

  • ÇA, ÇO, ÇU -> notice the cedilla (Ç) underneath the C? Those are pronounced like the S sound in “sat”, “so” and “surprise”.

  • CI, CE -> C sound like the S in “Sicily” and “sell”

  • QUI, QUE -> sound like a K or CH in “Kilo” and “Chemistry”

Easy, right?

Try it out:
pratique, ceci, nièce, ça va, caleçon, centre, français, Cuba