Pronunciation tips in Spanish: 'gue', 'gui', 'que', 'qui'

Hello Chatterbugers, :blush:

I’ve realised that some Spanish learners have pronunciation problems with words that contain these combinations of letters: ’gue’, ‘gui’, ‘qui’, 'que’.

They pronounce the vowel ‘U’, but the thing is that this vowel is unvoiced, which means that it does NOT have to be pronounced. The Spanish ‘G’ is pronounced in the same way as the English one in words like ‘garden’ or ‘gap’. So, next time you see the Spanish words guerra, guiso, guepardo or águila, read them as if the ‘U’ wasn’t there.

And, in the same way, with Spanish words such as queso, química, quedar or quiero. This must be pronounced like the consonant ‘K’ in English.

:boom: REMEMBER: Just imagine that the ‘U’ is NOT there. :boom:

I hope these tips help you pronounce these Spanish words in a better way! :muscle:t4:

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This error is usually common with the combination “gue” and “gui”. Thank you @Bea94 for this post it is very useful to remember that the “u” is there, but one needs to ignore it :sweat_smile:.