Questions about flashcards on the mobile app

Does the app care how long a card is on the screen before one answers?

I ask because I have been adding German into my morning workouts. I would like to use the flashcards between exercise sets. For example: do one set, then a round of flashcards, then another set, etc… However my time between sets is a little shorter than the time it takes me to complete one rounds of flashcards. So if the flashcards on the app don’t care about how long between my answers that would be very helpful. If I run out of time between sets, I could just start again where I left off.



Wow great idea to mix mental and physical exercises @kthxbye! :muscle: :muscle:
Let me ask the engineering team about it!

This is what I’ve got from our customer support @kthxbye :slight_smile:
Answer time can affect card frequency. If it takes you really long to answer and then the answer is wrong, you’ll be shown the card more often until you get it right a few times in a row. That said, the time it takes to answer is less relevant than answering the card right or wrong.


Thanks so much. That is very useful information. As explained, that works for me.