🤔 Questions about Level and Certificate

Hello. I learn on Chatterbug platform since July. Sometimes units were skipped, and not by me. I didn’t learn all grammatical rules from B2 and I feel myself not so confident in B2. And now it was switched to C1. I know that I can change exercises, but my question is - why are units being skipped? Somebody told me that this is because I have lessons everyday = many exercises. Another question - do I must to complete all units to get certificate from Chatterbug? I know that it is not like Goethe-Certificate but anyway. It says that “you’ve completed B2” but no certificates. Should I learn all units to get it?
Thanks. And sorry, if I have mistakes in English

Hi @dmitrysukhov96 :yum:

This is an interesting and great question. I always make sure to customize my lesson before it starts, to make sure that I’m not repeating (if I’m not in the mood) or skipping any material. I have found that this really helps to keep me on track.
When I moved over from A2 to B1, I also experienced the system not automatically allowing me to repeat activities that I had set to repeat, but I found that self-study made up for that.

Regarding the certificate, as far as I’m aware, you have to complete all the units in order to qualify for the certificate, but if the system moves you to the next level automatically, that means you should’ve obtained the certificate.

Are you able to view your certificate under “accomplishments”? Or was it maybe emailed to you? :nerd_face:

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Yes, in Achievements is written “Certificates: C1 - Advanced - In progress” - so there’s no completed B2 Certificate. And if I should complete all the units - so ok. I can downgrade my language level to B2 and learn all the units.

Ah okay I understand. Seeing as you are currently in C1, the system would tell you that your C1 certificate is “in process”.
If you have a look under your achievements, your certificates should be listed there. Your B2 certificate should be listed as completed.

I hope this helps! :yum:

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Chiming in here @dmitrysukhov96 ! We’ve actually have had a bug that has been causing this. Our engineers are working on it, but it sounds like it is quite the pesky bug! I would recommend writing in to the yellow chat box so we can report your case, but I will also pass this along to our engineers. Sorry about this!

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