Reading in the target language

Hi language lovers !

Many of us celebrated Christmas in the last weeks and exchanged presents :gift::christmas_tree:.

Did you receive any present related to the language your are currently learning?

I received a book in Spanish : Más allá del invierno, by Isabel Allende :books:.

It was very nice to feel my family’s support in the very long journey of learning a new language :grinning:.

The very good - and for me very unexpected :smiley: - news though, is… that I’m really enjoying this book :nerd_face:!

I completed my A1 in December and had never thought I would be able to read and enjoy so much a book that is not designed for beginners :thinking:.

Spoiler: This is soooo rewarding :happyllama:!!!

Do you remember any such moment thinking you were not able to do something in the target language and it ended up you actually … could (and feeling all of a sudden amazingly proud - for a very short moment, of course, then everything becomes difficult again :sweat_smile:) ?


Having support in learning a new language is super important and very motivating as well. :partying_face:

Interestingly enough, whenever I read through live lesson material (before my lessons) I always think I won’t be able to get through it. Before I know it, I’m having a fat conversation with the tutor and understanding most if not everything! Such a great feeling! :blush:


First of all, ¡Felicitaciones! :partying_face: :hoverllama:. Reading a book in a new language is not always easy.

I remember not being able to understand what people used to say in the train station :woozy_face:. I was always confused, and sometimes I had to ask someone else what was going on. Then one day I understood everything! I felt so happy, and then a lot of things made much more sense :hugs:.

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