Recipie of the day: Arepas!

One of my favorite parts of learning a new language it’s the opportunity to learn about new food :grin:. That’s why today I would like to share with you a simple recipe to make arepas :raised_hands:.

They are a delicious plate from different countries in Latinoamérica and very easy to make. I invite you all to try :blush:.

Is there any recipe that you got to discover thanks to learning Spanish? :man_cook: :woman_cook:


Amazing, @27sp.sandra! I will have to try this soon, thanks for the recipe! :smiley:
When I was younger learning Spanish we made salsa as a class. The TexMex condiment was a fun way to learn about veggies and had a delicious result. :yum:


Pleasure @JoAnn. I’m glad you liked it :blush: The salsa sounds yummy as well ! :raised_hands: was it spicy?


Such a great video, @27sp.sandra! Thanks for showing us step by step. This makes me confident to try it, too!

At the end of the video you say we can add chicken or avocado, too. When you do, do you add any special spices?


Thank you @kjanina :blush:! I hope you can try it soon.

Actually I just prepare the chicken in some water with spring onion, potatoes, salt and pepper. After its cooked I take only the chicken out and I make it small. Finally, I mixed it with the avocado :avocado: .

Of course if you would like to add your favorite spices it’s also yummy :yum:.