Reflexive pronouns or not? ( ich oder mich/mir? )

A student @zenonlily asked me, why do I use „ich“ in one sentence e.g.
„Ich bin müde“
and on another occasion the reflexive form ( dative in this case ) e.g.
„Mir ist schlecht“ ( I feel I’ll )?
I wasn’t able to answer that question. Thinking about it, my answer would be that it’s just another sentence with a different word order and it has an accusative object in the beginning of the sentence instead of at the end.
Any other thoughts on this?…maybe another tutor knows more?


As a German student and English speaker, I would imagine that even if “es” is not said you would infer that it is “es ist mir schlecht.” If I would say Ich bin schlecht - I would think “I am bad” instead of “i’m not doing well.” I know that I’m not doing well isn’t a direct translation, but keeping in mind that in German it is “es geht mir nicht gut” it would help me to understand.

Ich dachte auch, dass man sowas nur sagen soll, wenn man fast am kotzen ist… Ist das wahr?

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You are right @kgeisl1 and I hope it will help @zenonlily to understand :thinking:

“Es geht mir nicht gut” ist meiner Meinung nach eher allgemeiner Natur…in entsprechendem Kontext ( z.B.wie in dem Film “World’s End” ) kann es natürlich bedeuten was du vermutest :face_vomiting::wink:

PS: “Mir ist schlecht” or “Mir ist übel” definitively indicate that you might throw up soon :nauseated_face:

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