Reiten als Therapie = Horse riding as a therapy

:de: „Das Glück dieser Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde.“
:uk: “The happiness of this earth lies on the back of a horse.“

This German saying is true definitely for me but also for many many other horselovers on this planet.
But apart from being a great hobby and olympic sport, did you know that horse riding is establishing itself more and more as a way to treat burn out and stress related symptoms?

Horses are the most popular therapy animals after dolphins and dogs and that is because they are extremely sensitive to a persons emotions.

In our riding school we have given sessions to children with autism or ADHS and their parents have been delighted with how their children responded to it.
They find it easier to interact socially with other children and seem happier and more carefree after being with the horses.
Children in general benefit from riding lessons since they learn from an early age how to treat animals, how to respect them and how to take care of them. They learn to take responsibility for a creature and that they have to be treated kindly.

But also adults that feel like they can not deal with their heavy workload or have problems with their work life balance find peace and calm when around horses.

Well, riding combines physical and psychological aspects of your personal wellbeing.
The feeling of being carried, makes you feel like you can let go, literally but also of responsabilities and emotional stress. At the same time, riding is a physical activity which most of the time takes place outside therefore you enjoy fresh air and nature.

A horse requires 100 per cent of your attention while you are with it so automatically you will forget about work problems or stress at home while being with the animal.

Additionally, the rhythmic and flowing movements of a horse, loosen your body and improve circulation of blood and therefore the oxygenation of your whole body!

You should try it out!

As a lot of you live in Berlin, I can recommend the little town, but part of Berlin, which is called Luebars.
It is a magical little town with a looooot of horses. I spent my childhood there, riding horses every day and all day!

Have a great week!



What an interesting post @Lari1108! And your photos are stunning!! :star_struck:

It made me think about that horse, Peyo, who visits patients in the hospital in France :


thats so cool! i am happy now because i understood a good Part of the Video!!!

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This is a very interesting read @Lari1108 :grin:
I love horses, but unfortunately, my husband is hopelessly allergic to their hair, so we try to avoid! :see_no_evil:

Your photos are amazing! If you were not so far away, I would definitely pay a visit to your riding school. :blush:

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Today I certainly learned something new, thank you, @Lari1108 !

I used to ride my grandpa’s horses when I was a kid, and I must say I miss the feeling of a peaceful ride in the nature.

Muy interesante todo lo que puede significar montar a caballo :horse: :heartpulse:.

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We should plan a Beekeeper Meering here. I’ll make Margharitas and Guacamole!!! :avocado:


Yes, it has countless benefits.
when i had the exam Periods at Uni, a ride in the forest would chill me out again very quickly

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