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Hello German tutors!

I have some questions about remembering new words.I am from Colombia, but i live in Germany since 2 years and a half. I am doing an Ausbildung in Stuttgart, and i constantly need to learn new words, but i still have problems to remember :frowning:. Soon i will have my Praxisbesuch and i am really scared!!! :open_mouth:

Does anyone have any tips that can help me?

Thank you!!!



I try to develop mnemonics using my mother tongue (English) as well as using German as well. Little memory tricks can help them to stick in your memory. Often the more bizarre it is the better you will remember it. Some examples…

Ạnforderung = Demand

For this I think of Anna Ford (a British Newsreader) being demanding. I also remember it’s “die” because she’s female.

Shicksal = Fate

Schicken = to send in german
Sal = Sounds similar to soul

Picture a demonic Baby (n) sending (schicken) your Soul (sal) to your FATE (a Baby is my symbol for “das”)

If you have a bit of spare cah I can recommend the following…




I am more old school :smiley: I use flashcards :sweat_smile:

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Hey :slight_smile:

It is also helpful to put the words in context; wrapping them in a sentence. That might sound a bit strange, but learning vocabulary with your senses can also help. For example with pictures, smells (thats from my acting experience) or when you go for a run/jump on a trampolin. The latter is fun and while your brain is focused on the movements, the information is more easily transported into long-term memory :slight_smile: