Rewrite this advertisement

This photography studio has just hired you to improve the sign they have just outside of their shop. What wording could you use to attract young parents rather than terrify them?


WOW! Is this real? What about baby studio photography, or kids studio photography?
or baby photo studio?

It’s is real :laughing:. I took the picture on Hermannstraße in Berlin

Your suggestions are each a big improvement on the original, andreyna.


LOL hilarious! I’d write something super cheesy like…

Baby photographer - Making those precious moments last forever!


A little cheese is OK. Actually, it’s quite hard not to be cheesy in this context for some reason.

I like what you’ve come up with - although I half expect to be greeted by a very small photographer when I walk into the shop :laughing:.


Incredible! haha thanks a lot. Did you go in and chat with the owner? :slight_smile:

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I was too scared :laughing:

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True!!! Do you teach German on chatterbug?