Richer controls for video exercises


I really enjoy the video content on Chatterbug, but it’s hard to work with. A typical exercises for me involves trying to start and stop the video to give me time to read the sentence transcript, but it’s tricky to get the timing right - and there’s no ability to re-listen to the current “clip” (ie, just that transcript session).

If there were an option to pause the video automatically on each transcript clip, that would be super useful. Coupled with the ability to replay the clip, it would be incredible.

For inspiration, the “Language Learning with Netflix” plugin handles this super well - the keyboard shortcuts for managing movement in the video are spot on.

Merci beaucoup!


Thank you so much for your feedback @mgm !
I will forward this to our engineering team and let you know once they have an answer for us :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @mgm,

Your suggestion is great and I’ve heard about the “Language Learning with Netflix” plugin you mention.

My workaround, for when the video is too fast for me, is to adapt the speed since this also slows down the transcript and makes reading along easier. And then, I watch it a second time with the regular speed to train my ear. I know this is not as perfect as your suggestions, but thought I leave it here in case someone didn’t know this feature!