Saara - New English tutor from the states!

Hello Everyone,

I’m a new tutor and very excited to join the chatterbug team!

To introduce myself briefly: I grew up in the states and am currently living in Finland, working as a visual artist and writer. My educational background from the U.S. is in art history and creative writing, while my MA from Finland is in visual culture and contemporary art, so anyone interested in chatting about the cultural field is very warmly welcome :slight_smile:

I have extensive experience teaching and facilitating workshops in various capacities and feel confident I can create a supportive environment as we move through your lessons together. I also know what’s it like to move to a new country and work in a language that isn’t my first language, so I’m happy to share notes with anyone experiencing something similar.

Looking forward to meeting you all!




Welcome @SaaraM :hugs: Great to have you here :four_leaf_clover:

Welcome @SaaraM : ) Have a good start :hugs:

Bienvenue, @SaaraM :grinning: !
Have fun tutoring :tada: !

Hi Saara,

Great to have you on board! :raised_hands:

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Welcome to Chatterbug, @SaaraM ! We’re delighted to have you join our wonderful team of tutors :heart_eyes:

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Welcome @SaaraM! What an interesting profile!