Same same but different: having a baby!

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This month we have a look at how we call this amazing capacity women have: having a baby :pregnant_woman:t3: :baby:t3:

There are several ways to name this beautiful moment, do you know more? And how do you say in your native language?


Hi there,
In Spanish we also say “Traer al Mundo” like in German.
The verb is “Parir” and the event is “el parto”

By the way, “Parto por cesárea” is Cesarean Birth which I guess it comes from the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, the first to be Born That was. And in German is “Keiserschnitt-Geburt” which also refers to the „Römischen Keiser“


Hi Rene,

Thanks for your interesting comment.
In French as well, there is the same saying “mettre au monde” (to put into the world).

We also call “une césarienne”, a C-section and I always asked myself why and why it’s the same in several languages, too. I finally had a look for an explanation today and found that it comes from the Latin word “caesar” which means “child born by incision” (from the verb caedere: “to cut”, “to incise”).

Interesting stuff :slight_smile:


A slang British English expression for this is “drop a sprog”


In french you could also say: donner naissance (literal translation of the english “give birth”) :slightly_smiling_face: