Same same but different: love declaration

Hi all!

This weekend it’s Valentine’s Day! It might be the moment to finally make the big jump and confess your feelings to your crush ^^

Note that in French, people are not joking with love :fire::sweat_smile:

How do you say in your language?


En español también decimos “declararse” :heart_eyes:.

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Can you give us an example, @27sp.sandra ?

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Sure, @Janina :blush:

We would say: " él /ella se me declaró" / “me le declaré (a él/ a ella)” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

For example:

We were in the middle of the date, and he looked at me and declared his love → "Estabamos en la mitad de la cita y él me miró y se me declaró. :heart_eyes:


auf Deutsch wäre das Verb:

„jemandem seine Liebe erklären”

zB Paul erklärt Lisa seine Liebe. :heart_eyes: