Search for and Review Grammar Concepts

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering how you go back and easily review grammar concepts.

I know you can access them by going to Achievements>>See all Concepts and then clicking through the different pages but this is time consuming.

I have tried finding them by going back to previous units but the units are grouped by theme and not by the name of a grammar concept so it is actually really difficult to find them this way.

I have tried the search function but grammar topics never seem to show up. For example, today I really wanted to quickly review the genitiv but when I searched for it there were no results.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is it just me who can’t find grammar concepts through the search function?

Thanks a lot!


Here you go:

I love grammar and need to spend more time systematically going over these topics.
Happy New Year! Frohes neues Jahr guten rutsch


This is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!


It would be still be great if the search function within the app could include grammar topics.

When I tried searching through this page (, provided by, it doesn’t seem to include all of the topics. For example, there is only one topic about genitiv on that page and I have studied at least four different topics so far on Genitiv.

The other link does indeed have all the topics but you can’t search them. And there are currently 19 pages of topics that you have to look through. Being able to search these topics OR just having all of the topics on one page so that you can do a normal find on webpage search would be really really really helpful.



@davembutler the search feature in Login • Chatterbug works for me.
See URL to screenshot.

Another way to do global search on click Ctrl F, see pop up window top right, type in Genitive etc.

Click below URL for screenshot:

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Hey @davembutler, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention, and we apologize that it’s hard to find all the relevant grammar topics, currently!
We’ve already passed your feedback on as a feature request to our engineering team, and we hope that we can implement a search function that makes it possible to look up grammar concepts, soon.
Can we help you find a specific grammar topic, for now? Which one(s) are you missing?