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I’ve had a writing exercise corrected. However, I don’t understand a couple of my mistakes. To be honest I find writing in German even more difficult than speaking it. Could someone please help me with the reasons so I can learn for next time? Every sentence contained mistakes but I can see why for all but two of them:

Mistake 1
Heimat bedeutet für mich irgandwo warm, vertraut und bequem
Heimat bedeutet für mich irgendwo, wo es warm, vertraut und bequem ist

Mistake 2
Dafür muss meine Heimat auch bieten
Dafür muss meine Heimat auch sorgen

Many thanks in advance


@Chriscompton I corrected that, so I’ll explain it :wink:
Using “irgendwo” with an additional description requires a relative clause. That’s why I added “wo es… ist”.
You can express the second sentence in two ways. The verb actually is “jemandem etwas bieten”. So you can say: “Das muss mir meine Heimat auch bieten” or you can use the verb “für etwas sorgen”, in this case you don’t need to use the Dativ pronoun.

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OK great, that helps. Thanks

Great explanation! Good job :smiley:

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@chriscompton By the way: Written German is definitely more difficult than the spoken language. When you speak, everyone will understand you, even if there are some grammar errors here and there. In many cases, even your tutor won’t correct everything. But when you write a text, we make every effort possible to find every error and correct it.
But don’t get discouraged, your texts are great! :clap: :clap: :clap: