Setting Up Your Digital Classroom

Are you ready to tutor a Live Lesson? For every lesson, you’ll have to set up your digital ‘classroom’. Here is a short check list for you to go through before getting started:

  • Use a computer or laptop with the Chrome browser.
  • Are you in a quiet area with a clean and non-distracting background? Are you well lit?
  • Is your computer/laptop on a stable surface?
  • Make sure to use headphone with an integrated microphone.
  • Reassure yourself you have a fast and reliable internet connection (Minimum download: 4Mbps / Minimum upload: 2Mbps. Test your speed here).
  • Do you have easy access to the HelpDoc: My Student Can’t Connect? Just in case you need to help out the student.


Once you have gone through this checklist, you are all set to tutor!


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