Share Your Favorite Language-Learning Songs 🎵

Hey fellow language enthusiasts,

We all know that music has the power to captivate our hearts and minds, making it an incredible tool for learning languages. So, I invite each and every one of you to share your favorite language-learning songs in this post!

Why share your favorite language-learning songs, you may ask? Well, music has a magical ability to engage multiple senses, making it easier for our brains to absorb new words, phrases, and pronunciation patterns. By immersing ourselves in melodic language experiences, we can train our ears to understand different accents, improve our vocabulary, and enhance our overall language fluency.

So, whether you’re learning French, Spanish, German, English, or any other language, this is your chance to share the songs that have helped you along your language learning journey. It could be a catchy pop tune, a beautiful ballad, or even a traditional folk song. Don’t hesitate to post songs from different genres and cultures!

To make it even more exciting, let’s try to provide a brief explanation of why each song has been beneficial for our language learning. Did the lyrics help you grasp new grammar structures? Did the rhythm and melody assist with pronunciation? Or did the song simply inspire you to dive deeper into the language and culture?

Feel free to include the lyrics of your favorite language-learning songs in your post. This will give us a chance to appreciate the linguistic nuances and engage in lively discussions about the meanings behind the words. Who knows, we might even discover hidden gems from various corners of the world!

Share your favorites and get ready to groove your way to fluency with the power of music!

Looking forward to hearing your amazing suggestions!


Here is my suggestion:

A artist, who has helped me learn and practice my Spanish is the Mexican Pop singer Luis Miguel. What makes him particularly helpful for language learners is his clear and distinct pronunciation. Luis Miguel’s enunciation is slow and precise and easy to follow, allowing beginners to practice their Spanish pronunciation while enjoying the music. :musical_note: The lyrics, with their emotional depth and overt corniness, also provide an opportunity to explore the poetic side of the Spanish language :innocent:

Here are some examples:


Such a nice thread @DavidBernhardt :musical_note: :heart_eyes: !

A song that I often recommend to my students fighting with conditionnel passé in French (sentences like “I would have loved”) is Le Blues du buisnessman, a song about the regrets of a man who who have loved to be an artist :


I love this idea @DavidBernhardt!

One of the first songs in German I ever learned was “Sowieso” by Mark Forster. A little girl sang it on The Voice: Kids and I thought it was so fun! I love that the words are clear, the meaning/content is relatable, and the song overall is fun! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :star_struck:

The second song I remember learning in German was “Um die Welt” by CRO. The lyrics are fast and I didn’t understand all of them but I had so much fun learning pronunciation and singing with my friends on car rides! Also includes lots of good vocab for travel :sweat_smile: :airplane:


@MissMartell Those are great suggestions! Thank you for recommending them. :blush:
I have to admit that I wasn’t even aware of the first one :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (Thanks for expanding my musical horizon)

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@DavidBernhardt Thanks so much! They are such fun songs, honestly - I even have them in a “Deutsche Party” playlist haha
I hope you enjoy the first song! :musical_note: :microphone::

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Great thread @DavidBernhardt . Brings me back to the time than I tried learning English translating my favorite songs which were e.g. by Suzanne Vega:

or Tracey Chapmen:

The albums usually had the lyrics and hard to believe now, but there was no internet.

Here is a German songs by “Silbermond”

…and long dead, but never forgotten Rio Reiser:

“Element of crime” is also a German Band :wink:

Sven Regener, the lead singer is also an author

…and of course the perfect song for learning German :musical_note: by “Wir sind Helden”

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