Shorts - What is this?

Shorts is a short-form video tool that helps you to learn and remember language in a way that is engaging, fun and effective.

Shorts is an excellent addition to Chatterbug’s Streams, and gives you the option of watching short and snappy content, as well as deeper dives on topics and language with Streams.

If you see a Short that you really like, don’t forget to bookmark it so you can watch it again, and send the funniest ones to your friends.

Create your own Shorts

Now you can create and upload your own short-form videos to the mobile app. Participate in challenges, react to your favorite video, or create your own video from scratch. Get to know the other faces within in the community and teach what you know and what you’re learning. Learning a language isn’t always easy, so let’s progress together!

Watch the How-to-video here: