Skip Courses/Units


I started using Chatterbug last week and I really enjoy it so far :slight_smile:
I started with German in A2 with the purpose of reviewing A2 for 1-2 months and the moving to B1, since I have already finished A2 in a classroom setting a couple of years ago.

Is it possible to skip units/courses and generally how can I set-up my own pace? I find the current pace very slow and it seems that my only option is to skip directly to B1 instead of spending 1-2 months reviewing A2 like I was planning to.


Hey @ifotopoulos.
We are happy to hear that you like using Chatterbug!
Skipping units is quite easy. As you can see here, just go to “My course”. Here you can see what you are currently learning. Then just click on the unit you want to learn.

I hope, this information was helpful! Have a nice weekend!


Welcome @ifotopoulos!

Another tip is to customize your next live lesson:

  • if you click on “start preview”, you can preview the lesson planned by the system and skip some exercises

  • or you can choose to orient your lesson towards another unit (and then you’ll also be able to skip some exercises)


That’s super helpful! Thank you both for your assistance and prompt advice :slight_smile: