Skipping CEFR level

Hi, I’ve been studying German(outside Chatterbug) for a few months already and found the A2 live lesson I attended a bit easy. If possible, I’d like to skip ahead a little to a B1 lesson and see how challenging I find it.

From previous forum posts, looks like the suggestion is to do this through the “Customize lesson” button but when I do that I only see other lessons at the A2 level.

Is it possible for me to jump ahead to B1?


Hi @samrat94, welcome to the Community!

Yes, it is also possible to start from B1. You can adjust the level of the language you are learning by clicking ->Settings → Languages → Languages you are learning → click ADJUST LEVEL. Or you can also use this link that will take you there directly.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Have fun learning at Chatterbug!


That worked. Thank you!