Something to reflect a little

Hi friends.

This topic I want to talk about is very deep and complex and I understand that it might not be a topic everbody wants or feels comfortable to talk about.
Today I had a lovely student born and raised in the U.S. but with her parents being from a different country with a very different culture.
She and I talked a little bit about how she feels being in the United states versus being in her parents home country and it got me thinking.
Have you ever thought about what kind of person you might be, had you been raised in a different country?
I, for sure would have been an entirely different person, had i grown up here in Mexico where I live now.
We might be the same person but how big is the part of your character that is being influenced or formed by the culture you live in and the people that surround you?

Again, i am so thankful to be working on this platform and the variety of people and cultures I get to know. It has broadened my personal horizon so so much.
Thank you students and fellow tutors!!



This is a great topic! I frequently think about how my thinking would be different if I did not live in the US, an extremely dominating country. I really do hope to experience living in another country one day.


Also i think, well definitely for me, having grown up in Germany in an intact family it gives me perspective and makes me appreciate it so much more how i was raised. Very easily, we take things for granted for example the Position of a woman in society, the possibility to receive education, not suffering discrimination and hunger and so many more things.

I have come to realize how privileged i am just for being white and having a german passport. It is crazy and just so unfair.


Hi @Lari1108 :blush: That’s an interesting reflection. I must say coming from Colombia and living in Germany one feels the difference a lot. On one hand, I feel really grateful that I lived in Colombia and I could experience a more open culture, but on the other hand, I feel more secure in Germany and I feel that my opportunities are much wider than back home :houses:.

Definitely, I would not be the same person if I’ve had grown up here in Germany, but at the same time, I would not be the same if I would not have traveled here :upside_down_face:. I feel lucky because I know I get to learn so much from other cultures here in Germany and moreover in the platform.


@Lari1108 Strangely, I had the exact same thought just about a week ago.

I sometimes think about it because I am originally from South Africa. I lived there as a child but spent the rest of my life in Germany (I am now also a German citizen). I love South Africa, I truly do, but I am quite certain I would have been a very different version of myself. We are basically the result of our experiences and every country and culture provides different experiences. So, you would be different because your experiences will be different - even though you will still be…well, YOU. Tomato soup is different from pumpkin soup but they are both soups - just different ingredients (okay that was a weird metaphor, sorry :sweat_smile:) Having lived in two completely different worlds I now have such a bird’s eye/ broad view of the world which I do not think I would have had otherwise. I was incredibly lucky, and I still am.

It is also quite strange to be with one foot in one culture and with the other foot in another culture. In South Africa I feel more German, in Germany I feel more South African. It is such a weird feeling; I am sorry that I cannot describe it any better :blush:


great reflections and the feelings you describe are exactly what i experience sometimes. It is just really hard to put into words!