Sorry@EvaLenaV to cancel a LL on Tuesday, April 30th at 18:00 o'clock

Dear @EvaLenaV
I made a mistake on the day, I am not available on Tuesday at 18:00. I could offer you the same time slot on Thursday. I am very sorry. Please let me know so that I can make an appointment for you. I could also later…
Have a great week! I look forward to see you soon : )


Hi @Bettina2,

No problem! Would 6pm on Thursday work for you then? If so, could you send me a message once you open the slot?

Have a nice start into the week,

Eva Lena

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Hi @EvaLenaV
Thank you for your understanding! I open the time slot on Thursday at 18:00 o’ clock now.

Have a nice day


Hi Bettina,

I’m really sorry, but I had to cancel our lesson. I work meeting that I can’t avoid has been scheduled in my calendar :frowning:

Have a nice weekend and see you very soon!

Hi Eva
I wish you a very nice weekend with your visit from home! I hope your meeting goes well :crossed_fingers:t2:
See you soon : )