Spanish and it's crazy variety

Have you ever been learning Spanish from a particular place and then you travel and you hear words that you never heard before? No worries it can be confusing at first but we as natives get confused as well.

Here are some examples of words that may change depending on the place you are. It doesn’t mean you have to learn them all, wait don’t panic :sweat_smile:. As you may know, it is always useful to know that some words may change and have different meanings :slight_smile:

Let’s start with food :strawberry: Fresa (strawberry): It is used in most of Latinoamerica but in Argentina this fruit is called frutilla and in México can be a fruit and someone arrogant and smug.

This one is tricky but not impossible: :pen:Bolígrafo (pen): In Argentina and Paraguay people usually use the word Virome, in Colombia and Ecuador you can hear Esfero more often and in México Pluma is the word.

How do we say car in Spanish? Well let’s see, shall we? :red_car: In Spain you would use Automóvil or Auto but in lots of countries like Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia and more carro is the word we use.In Argentina they also used coche, but for example in Chile “coche” can be a baby carriage and in Guatemala and some parts of Perú “coche” it can be a pig.

In any case, no worries! :relieved: If there is any misunderstanding one of the people involved will ask and you won’t feel like you have been learning the wrong word. If you want to know more about this type of words here is a video that explains with humor and examples all the variety you may find in the Spanish language: