Spanish has some great expressions

Some expressions from the Spanish speaking world are pure gold, and we enjoy thinking about them and illustrating them here at Chatterbug. For more, as well as for regular updates, check out our instagram!

Thankfully, this saying doesn’t refer literally to animal cruelty. Rather, it’s used figuratively to express that something suspicious is going on!
The origin is said to lie with pickpockets in the Middle Ages, who would attempt to thieve luxury cat skin purses from the wealthy. And when they suspected someone was carrying such riches, they’d declare: ‘¡hay gato encerrado!’ :money_mouth_face::smile:

This Spanish saying warns us that some things are best left unsaid - loose lips sink ships, after all! Although we have to add - new language skills don’t enter closed mouths, either.

:point_up: This proverb foretells that should a fish too often open its mouth, it risks being caught by a hook. Similarly, should someone carelessly speak too often, they risk becoming a victim of their own verbosity. Tag a loudmouth :grin:

Goosebumps’ are named as such because they make your skin look like that of a featherless goose. But you’ll find the same no matter which fowl you pluck :thinking: So the equivalent saying in Spanish refers to a chicken, instead.
Did you know - the ‘goosebump’ reflex is thought to have originally served the purpose of raising the fur of our human ancestors, making them look bigger when under threat and trapping warm air when cold.