Spanish Podcast Recommendations?

Does anyone have a podast in Spanish that they love?

I listen to Radio Ambulante from NPR, which is usually okay but just like in English…if the topic is boring then I inevitably tune out :hear_no_evil: Same with Esto Me Suena from RNE (which got cancelled, so it doesn’t matter).

Looking for something that’s funny, has interesting stories, or involves people talking about news or pop culture. I know there are more out there! Gracias!


@Aliveelee I hope you find this interesting. There is this podcast about history, in general. this woman talks about so many different topics in a really nice approach. One of the series that I loved was the one about Woodstock. I know history can sound a bit boring, but she makes it in such a great way.:heart_eyes:
You could also find her on Spotify.

I don’t know how it works with other platforms, but if you use Spotify, I can also recommend the podcasts from “Radiónica” which is a fantastic radio station from Colombia. They have different sections and one of those could catch your attention.


Thanks @Michi! I do like history. I listened to Diana Uribe a bit today. It’s nice that she speaks very slowly and clearly.


Jaja, this week’s Radio Ambulante is about addresses (or lack thereof) in Costa Rica. I was recently there and definitely noticed the creative approach to directions. @wilmer_arias you might like this one!


Lately, I’ve been trying to challenge myself with difficult accents. Here are my top three! I still struggle to understand these guys 100%, but it’s excellent practice!

TED en Español
Accent: Various
Your basic dose of TED Talks, but in Spanish! Amazing, right?? Now you can learn about the world AND learn Spanish at the same time!

El Relato
Accent: Cuban
This guy tells random stories about his childhood, his life, and random things such as the first time he saw snow. He (or his company?) actually has several podcasts. This is just one of them! If you go to their profile, TuPodcast, you can see their other podcasts.

Edo y Fran
Accent: Chilean
Edo and Fran discuss friendships. They tell stories and talk about topics such as “when you get sick and tired of your friend” or “when a friendship falls between love and friendship” or “toxic friendships”.


UPDATE: Do you like Harry Potter? I just found this one.
Accent: Spanish


More of my favorites! I’ve collected SO many over the years, and my list continues to grow. I work in tech, so many of these are related to the tech industry and design.

True Crime

Faith + Christianity

Design + Technology


Movies + Pop Culture



Wow muchas gracias @charhew!


Hi! I would recommend

I listen to this podcast and I really like it! Try it :slight_smile:

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