Spanish Student Stories: What's yours?

Learning a new language it’s like a bumpy ride :sweat_smile:. Sometimes you feel like the wind is blowing in your face and everything is easy-breezy :ok_hand:. Sometimes you ask yourself what am I doing? Does this make sense? Or Why is this so difficult? :pleading_face:.

We all have been there, for example our student @aelnaiem has had a big improvement :partying_face:, and now he feels really comfortable when speaking Spanish with natives :raised_hands:. Still he would love to build all the knowledge he already got towards reading a book in Spanish in the future :open_book:.

He shared his experience with us a while ago being part of the Student Success Stories, but I would like to bring it up again as it important to remember that we are not alone in the learning process.

What about you? How has it been for you this “nueva aventura” learning Spanish? :grinning:


@aelnaiem is definitely a great student!

When you really dive in a language and use it every day, after some time you can sound like a real native speaker (that means: you make the same grammar errors as they do jajajajajaj).

I enjoy it when people say: “Pareces Gringo, pero hablas cómo un campesino chimboracense” :sweat_smile: :muscle:t4: