Stephan from Germany, living in the Andes of Ecuador

Hey dear students and fellow tutors.
In my hometown Backnang near Stuttgart in Germany, we say that “I’m German by birth and Swabian by the grace of God” :wink:

Anyway, I live since more than seven years in a little town in the Ecuadorian Andes in beautiful valley which is surrounded by five volcanoes :volcano:.

Here I enjoy my life in the beautiful countryside and tutor for Chatterbug since November 2017. Having tutored almost 1000 different students, I love to get to know new people and help them to learn German and Spanish in a natural and funny way.

One of my hobbies is to make my students laugh :joy: and help them to relax. Some grammar can be difficult to understand. But don’t worry, you’ll have a good, focused and experienced tutor. Let’s not only chat, but really work on your progress! :muscle:t4: Being tutored by someone who knows Chatterbug from scratch will really help you!

@Students: Here in the mountains at times it could be very cold. So be never shocked to see me tutoring with one of my traditional Ecuadorian Ponchos…

Well, work is just a part of my life. Apart from my work with Chatterbug, you can find me in the surrounding villages and being busy in my voluntary work or walking with my Belgium Shepherd dog, Rocky :dog2:

Apart from my native German language, I speak Spanish on a native level (it’s my everyday language), English, and the local Quichua language. At some time in the past, I was also fluent in Arabic and learned French to some extent.

Best regards from Sigsipamba / Ecuador, the town you’ll never find on GoogleMaps :grinning:

PD / Update: Some students actually found Sigsipamba on GoogleMaps, but it’s still not shown at the correct place. So, keep on searching… :sweat_smile:


@Megan: I know that the video isn’t very professional. But the view from my roof this morning was so great that I wasn’t able to resist. A more professional version of the introduction comes later… :wink:

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@SKrausser that’s an amazing video!, I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end! The landscape behind you is gorgeous :heart_eyes:

@MariaJSalmeron Thanks a lot! We had many weeks with bad, cloudy weather. So today it’s the first day since a long time that we can enjoy this beautiful view :wink:

Great first video @SKrausser! Thanks for posting!

Hallo! Ich wusste nicht, dass du so viel Quechua sprechen konntest! Ich finde es sehr toll. :slight_smile: Und ich sehe jetz, dass dieser Forum ein andere Vorteil hat, weil ich etwas auf Deutsch geschrieben habe.


Hallo Shannon!!! Wie gehts Dir?? Liebe Grueße!

Hallo, Larissa! Es geht gut bei mir, danke. Und dir? Hoffentlich bist du sehr froh mit deiner Familie! Ich habe seit lange Zeit nicht dir gesehen…aber meine Zeitplan war nicht normal im Sommer. Aber jetzt bin ich wieder in der Schule…

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Mir gehts súper! Ich bin jetzt Mama :slight_smile:

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Yesterday I reached a new milestone: 1500 live lessons!
My next milestone are 500 different students (right now I tutored 455). Coming soon… :wink:


Amazing @SKrausser!! Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication at Chatterbug :slight_smile: .

Two updates:
Congratulations to one of our students who was able to find my village on GoogleMaps!
Aaaaaand: Right now I’ll welcome my 500th student :hugs: :grinning: :smiley:


Wow! Congrats @SKrausser!! That is huge! Thanks for all of your dedication and hard work. We are glad to have you a part of the Chatterbug Tutor Community!

hello Stephan, the internet was so bad and after I refreshed the link, then I could not even hear and see you in the video. Therefore I end the lesson early, but don’t worry. I am looking forward to see you next time.

Sorry for the technical problems.
I was able to recover it. But due to the current lockdown, the internet doesn´t work perfectly and I can`t leave my home to work in office. I changed my availability, so that we can enjoy to have lessons in the morning (my time). Sorry again!

Got it: 2000 Live Lessons completed!


Congrats @SKrausser! This is AMAZING :clap:

Wow, sooooo impressive. I will catch up soon. I will have reached 500 this week and I love being a tutor on Chatterbug.


Due to a bad internet connection and restrictions due to Covid here in Ecuador I decided to pause tutoring for the moment. That was no easy decision, but a necessary one. As soon as the problems are solved, I’ll start again with all the joy and attention you dear students know from my more than 2300 live lessons until now.


So sorry to hear, with us here in SA I am always worried about electricity, but so far so good. Enjoy your break and hope you will be back in no time.