Streamer Benjamin 'Ben' Hansen from Germany

:earth_africa: Where are you from?
Born in Cologne but grew up in Markt Schwaben and after some time moving houses currently living in the magnificent City of Hamburg

:maple_leaf: What countries have you lived in?
Aside from various parts of Germany I lived in Canada for a while (British Columbia) working on a Horse Ranch at the age of 17

:loud_sound: What languages do you speak?
Aside from various German Dialects I speak English, a bit of Russian, Italian and currently learning the Scottish Gaelic Slang ‘Tschénga’

:musical_note: What are you interested in, what do you do in life?
Aside from Streaming for Chatterbug I work as an Actor and Voice Actor (Audiobooks, Dubbing, Localisation, …) and my hobbies are Living History, Outdoor Activities, Writing and Video Games

:game_die: Trivia and Fun Facts:

  • been to both ends of the world map (West: Tofino) (East: Kanagawa)
  • played for the Quidditch Team Darmstadt once
  • got this weird brain remembering all the movie quotes and score themes
  • was falsely arrested for armed robbery once
  • quitting Acting School for a big movie (such decision, much regret)
  • works barefoot whenever possible

Hi @Benaman,

Wow very interesting profile :sunglasses:. Nice to meat you :wave:


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Hi @Benaman! Your streams are awesome! And your history is also very interesting. By the way, how are you learning a Scottish Gaelic Slang? :thinking: :happyllama:.


I loved reading your Fun Facts, @Benaman! I hope you’ll tell us more about that false arrest in a stream one day! :laughing::policeman:

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Thank you Melanie, nice to meet you, too!

Welcome to Chatterbug!


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Hej Sandra, thank you very much, glad you enjoy it :full_moon_with_face:

I study with my cousins, we build flashcards from a book and from what we can get from travelling to Scottland every now and then.


Thank you Maddy =]

I once did a stream about “talking to the police” where I told the story, but I’m thinking of doing a “Truth or Dare” episode, where I’d tell more details about the arrest ^^


Thank you @Benaman :pray::wink:

Super interesting introduction @Benaman ! I really enjoyed watching your Streams :upside_down_face:

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Why thank you Amandine! :full_moon_with_face:

Have a fantastischen day!

To all the lovely people out there:


Thank you - Dankeschön

  • for enduring also the difficult streams
  • and sit through technical difficulties

See you next time soon ^^




Hi @Benaman!

Thank you so much for your awesome streams! I have learnt so much from you in a very short time!
You have a way of making the streams really fun and entertaining!

It was super interesting reading more about you on your profile. Any specific movies I should look out for to catch you in?

*Just to clarify, my name is Cheree. Only Cheree, without the Kr. For some reason half of my surname decided to join in on the fun. :crazy_face: :rofl:


Hej Cheree,

sorry for the late reply…

Awesome to hear that you like our streams, thank you very much for your feedback! :heart:

I’m afraid all my movies are in German, but it might be a good exercise for you to watch some - (Wickie und die starken Männer)

Thanks for clearing that up with your name - hope to see you soon on a new stream of mine, Cheree

all the best

Ben :full_moon_with_face:

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You inspired me to make Spätzle today Ben!!
They turned out very yummy!
Thank you!!


Awesome! They look delicious! I will do another Stream about which will be recorded :wink:

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yeah, the ‘Spätzle with Ben’ Stream is now visible in the App


Danke für alles Ben! Ich komme aus Kanada. Von B.C. Tschüss