Streams Club Feedback

Last week I attended two study sessions and now I’d like to share my feedback.
First of all, I really like this idea because additional practice is always amazing.
But there are some things that could be improved.

  1. Are there any plans to add an opportunity to join study sessions from a computer? It’s not convenient to type during a study session if I join from my phone.

  2. And a few suggestions for the Club tab. It’d be nice to be able to filter upcoming study sessions according to a selected level and have a separate tab with all the booked study sessions.

I’m definitely going to continue participate in these study sessions so thank you for adding this feature.


Hi @marunyash :hugs:

First of all, thank you for giving it a try! We are glad you would like to continue using it, and we appreciate your valuable feedback as well :blush:.

On the other hand, since Streams is designed to be a mobile app, its use on a computer hasn’t been considered yet. Although it has been already requested by others students, so who knows what the future may bring. I’ll pass your ideas to our support team and if there are more things you think we could improve, we are more than happy to read them!

Have a nice week :christmas_tree:.